Training and diagnostic services for today's automotive technicians and repair shops.

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Tired of giving away customers and profits?
Don't send them to a dealer.  Call THE DRIVEABILITY GUYS
for your "Dealer" needs.

The Driveability Guys have been administering seminars for the Illinois EPA's vehicle emissions testing program, Automotive Seminars, Inc., in automotive repair shops and at industry events in the United States and Canada.

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or call: 847-758-3434
Check the websites of your favorite national training events and look for our name.

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ETO software
Available NOW!

TDC software is no longer available due to accusations of patent infringement. However, the software has been redesigned and improved!

ETO, or Event Timing Overlays, is a redesigned application with many features that have been added, or improved, beyond the old TDC software. A few functions had to be removed or adjusted to comply with a patent number US7801671. Although we disagree with the patent holder's claims of infringement, we have made the changes in order to make the application available to technicians. Our goal is to help fix cars or teach automotive concepts, not to get rich. The only way ETO can help instructors and technicians is to get it in their hands.

Click on our Software tab to order ETO and have the files delivered via email!

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