Circuit Board Repairs

GM Instrument Clusters

Many General Motors IPC's experience intermittent, erratic or no gage operation. Also, illumination issues and PRNDL problems are common.

Chrysler Instrument Clusters

1996 - 2000 Caravan, Voyager and Town & Country IPC's have a variety of issues some of which are PRNDL errors, no communication, completely dead or no start.

BMW Climate Control Head

1996 - 1999 BMW 323 328 E36 Chassis Climate Control Module may be completely inoperative. These expensive and hard to find modules are repairable.

Ford 6.0 Liter FICM

2003 - 2009 Ford Powerstroke 6.0 liter FICM's can cause hard or no start issues. New modules require programming. These can be repaired without programming.

More Coming Soon

More Coming Soon

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