THE DRIVEABILITY GUYS are not salesmen.  Our products are items that we initially made for ourselves to help diagnose cars. The successful projects have been made available for others to help them fix cars as.

For additional diagnostic products check our links page. There we share contact information for many of the vendors that we use for our own diagnostic tool purchases.

Feel free to email us any questions that you have.  We'll do our best to get you the answers.



ETO - Event Timing Overlays
(and Piston Location Charts)

ETO software is software application that gives teachers and technicians the ability to analyze oscilloscope captures and their relation to the timing of many events in an internal combustion engine.

Watch here for a link to purchase ETO soon!

TDC - Technicians Diagnostic Calculations

TDC software is no longer available due to potential patent infringement issues. It has been replaced by ETO software for teaching and diagnostic uses.

Driveability and Emissions
Calculation Software

DECS is a complete software application that can handle your calculation needs.  Lambda, CE, VE, and fuel volume are just a few of the calculations included. And the main calculators support multiple fuel types.

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