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Other Articles in print or on the web:

Volkswagen / Audi Engine Managment Basics and Scan Tool Operation
Just as the title suggests. Learn some some of the differences in a VAG system.

TPMS... What Service Writers Need to Know
Important information taken from our TPMS seminar that every
service writer needs to know.

Did I fix the failure?
Learn to equate constant sampling exhaust gas results to
conventional exhaust gas analyzer readings.

Ford EGR
I know DPFE's are a common failure, but don't let the occational
plugged passage, etc. come back to bite you.  Learn a quick way
to verify the integrity of almost every Ford EGR system.

Gasoline or Not?
A chart for comparing temperature of fuel to its specific gravity to
determine if what is in the tank could infact be gasoline.
As described in the 4th quarter of 2007 RANDOM MISFIRE.

Monitors In Suspension?
Scott's article from the Illinois EPA's Air Repair news letter.

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